Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Head Cold

    Head cold ugh, its not enough that there is a huge storm lurking around the corner tonight? My nose will not stop running and this is not OK with me at all.  Living in Buffalo i love the snow, and driving in it doesnt bother me or my 2010 Ford Focus at all. What does bother me is the other drivers.

     It seems that half the drivers become Over Cautious. They freak out from the snow and start driving at 10 and 2, with white knuckles, they turn off the sound on their radios, throw on the hazzard lights and forgot that you drive between the white dotted line, not center your car over the damn thing.

    Its driving like this that causes all the damn accidents. Driving in the snow isnt to bad, also doing a power turn in an un-plowed parking lot with the emergency brake is simply amazing. Makes me proud to be an American. 


  1. I had pinkeye two weeks ago shit sucked. sorry bro.
    Following daily please do the same.

  2. i'm in the same situation bro, feels bad man

  3. Head colds are the worse, you'll feel better man.

  4. A lot of people around here are sick too, hope you start feeling better.

  5. It's usually the woman drivers; stay in the kitchen if you ask me. Supporting