Friday, March 4, 2011

Goodnight sweet fish

Yesterday, my beta fish, "Taco" passed away. He was almost 2 years old. I noticed he wasn't swimming very much in the morning and wouldnt eat. When i got home he had turned white and was laying on his side. He was a good fish, he loved bloodworms, and would swim in circles when he heard the sound of his food container being shook. He will be missed. He was a very deep blue with red on his lower fin.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seriously why is my gas FUCKING 3.45 A GALLON

     I'm really at a fucking loss right now as to why my gas is so much, I mean, gas prices being around 2.50 back in the day was bushes fault, and everyone was up in arms about how it was an outrage to pay so much, you couldn't turn on the news or the radio without hearing about gas prices.

     Now lets fast forward, Obama, the anointed one, the savior of America, We were told he would fix everything, now here we are, gas has gone up to almost 3.50 a gallon, and i believe it will be even more in a few more days. All of this is from the mess in Libya, which i know is not directly Obama's fault. But why is their no media blitz demanding release of the federal oil reserves? Why is it that the annalists that demanded that the american people can not afford 2.75 a gallon, not screaming at the top of their lungs over the current price.

      This is bullshit. Do your fucking job government, fix the fucking gas price, so i can afford to drive my car to other then just work and the grocery strore. Why dont you just allow drilling in America? Like legit drilling?

Check this out, open up the drilling, and i dont mean the under the ocean drilling, and before anyone starts crying about the BP oil spill, id like to point out that, it was BP, as in British Petroleum, as in its not their coast, they dont give a fuck about any spills. New drilling for oil would open up a HUGE job market, lower gas prices, and reduce unenployment.

    We all know that global warming is an exaggerated money making scheme, their are countries in the world that the price of a gallon of gas is under a dollar. WHAT THE FUCK, RAGE.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Going on vacation soon, now to get it together.

     So in May im going down to Florida on vacation. So that means, its time to start an aggressive diet and loose the weight. Im going to cronical my diets progress ( if any) on here as i attack my body with various exercise programs and food consumption plans. This could get ugly ladys and gentlemen. Any advice will be appreciated.

So far Im going to be trying the shakeweight for men, your shape fitness evolved for the kinect, a standard 20 min work out with a yoga ball and cardio kickboxing. As for the diet part. Need advice.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Anyone watch adventure time?

So the other day i was flipping threw the channels and i landed on cartoon network. A show called adventure time was on, and generally i hate all the new cartoons on any channel, but i decided to give this show a chance. The show is about a human named Finn and a talking dog named Jake, and there adventures that they have. I watched an episode called "the pods" here is the video give it a watch, its actually really funny.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Superbowl Commercials

The superbowl commercials this year were not the best, but they were pretty damn awesome none the less.

I really liked the one with the little boy dressed up as darth vader, trying to use the force on things, and the pepsi max commericials were pretty awesome.

The ones that really failed were the go daddy. com and the coca cola commercials. they made me groan.

I wish i still had more of that taco dip from yesterday. who else hated the go ones?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Piggy Bank is wearing a doctors mask and your argument is irrelevant.

    I took my lovely girlfriend to lunch today at the olive garden, and i really think that our service was blah because of the way i was dressed. I had on a tee-shirt and a stripped zip sweater, and a black cap. Not a fancy outfit, but not a scummy out fit. Im a 24 year old guy, and our server took away the wine sample cups without even offering or mentioning anything about the wine, Its not like i look like im 18 either. She was very cold to us, and took forever to bring us our stuff. We both got the unlimited soup, salad and bread sticks. Its not like it takes along time to make this stuff. we were waiting almost 20 mins for our food. 

    Did this woman type cast us as bad tippers? so that means she should just give up on doing a good job? The restaurant was barley half full.  I worked in restaurants almost 5 years, i know all about doing a good job and leaving a good tip.  Its pretty shitty for a waitress to do something like this. Has this happened to anyone else recently?


Friday, February 4, 2011

Just a little off balance

    So my ears popped this morning, and my equilibrium has been thrown off all day, i still cant hear out of my right ear, its pretty weak sauce. Does this bother anyone else as much as it bothers me?  I also found out that i got over half of my co workers sick, including my boss, so i got my wish on that end.

    Now its time to get this last chunk of head out out, and get ready for sunday, i cant wait for the superbowl, i got decent numbers in my squares pool, and im making some taco dip. i have a very soft place in my heart for taco dip.